When would be a good time for you to settle down with your partner?

Settling down is a big decision, so how long should you wait until deciding to make things a little more permanent?
Before even thinking about it our first responder says that she would have to be with him for about a year during which time she learns about his family. If she gets along with them then in 1-3 years they might get married. Her partner agrees that rushing in is not a good idea. He is looking for a life partner so it’s not something to be taken lightly.
Our last responder says it isn’t so much about the amount of time you have been together but how prepared you are for the decision. Are you really in love? If you don’t have a good foundation then you might not be ready.

Subtitle script:

We have to have been together for at least one year, learnt about him and his family.
If I can get along with him and his family, in 1-3 years we might get married.

I would do the same, see if we all can get along. I would have to give it sometime because I’m looking for a life partner.

It’s more about readiness than how long two people have been together.
The readiness in life for example is like.. A steady job, how much satisfaction you have, having your partner, do you really love your partner.
If you don’t really have a foundation, you might not be ready for that.

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