What is a reasonable age difference in a relationship?

The answer to this question varies as much in Thailand as it might anywhere else. Our first interviewee wouldn’t want to date someone younger than herself, and not too much older either. No more than 10 years. The generation gap is important to make sure that they will enjoy activities together.
Her partner doesn’t seem picky about older or younger, but wants to make sure that they are a similar age. He doesn’t want to date a woman who is so much older that she is teaching him about life, nor so much younger that she hasn’t matured enough and it causes a problem.
Our final respondent doesn’t care about age at all. She says that someone older than her might have more experience, but also might have none. The right person can be found at any age, she believes.

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For me this is really important, we must be at the same age or if he’s older than me that’s okay too, but no more than ten years older.
It’s a matter of generation gap too, if we’re closer in age it’s more likely that we will get along together and there’s a higher chance to be able to enjoy activities together.

I would choose someone who’s in the same age range or only slightly different, normally I just guess from their face and appearance.
If I choose an older woman, I might end up being less mature than her and she’ll be teaching and leading me instead. Or if I go with younger girl, she might not have matured enough for me and that would be a problem.

It doesn’t matter, people who are older than me may have more experience with relationships or not have any experience at all, but finding the right person is possible no matter their age even 60’s and 70’s. I think it’s always possible.

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  1. Ananthi Mathur
    Ananthi Mathur says:

    We are talking about age difference. So many relationships around us suffer because of the awkwardness of an age gap. What could’ve been something beautiful, end up as mere fantasies in people’s heads simply because they don’t talk about it fearing the awkwardness that would follow. That must never be the case. Age is just number. We should not judge a person by there age height weight. Sometimes a person younger to us might be more matured or a person who is elder to us might not be that matured vise versa. Just start everything with friendship instead of thinking he/she is elder or he/she is so younger to me. There should not be any awkwardness.


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