How would Thais react if someone that they loved died?

Unsurprisingly Thais react very much like anyone else would. Shock, loss of apetite, refusal to accept that it happened. Eventually though, they move on to acceptance. Thais feel a strong responsibility to continue on with life and make sure that they do something with their lives. If they are religious they will think about their loved one in their new life, at peace. The non-religious may take time alone to focus on the fact that their loved one is gone and get to a place where they can move on with their life.

Subtitle script:

I would be shocked.
I have to accept it…
…and try to do my part and live my life to the full.
Because if she could communicate with me,…
…she would say something like…
…do your best with your life.
Because she’s the one who raised me.
I believe she would expect me to thrive for success.
And hope to see me do well in life.

When I first thought of them, it took my appetite away.
I couldn’t accept it,.. felt like I was going to faint.
My family and relatives were there for me, they told me everything was going to be fine.
I think they’re at peace now,..
..they went to a new life already.
At the time my son had built up his family already.
He had children too.
That made me think of them instead of the past.

First of all, I have to stay focused.
Second, Death is for everyone. One day we’ll all be dead.
I have to accept that truth.
I have to give myself sometime to be alone,..
..and try not to get distracted.
Focus on the present and the truth.
Accept that he’s gone, that’s the fact,..
..he’s gone.
I have to accept that and move on, live my life.

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